Private Tuition

Tim is a very experienced trumpet teacher having taught at the Royal Academy of Music and privately for over 30 years.

" My approach to teaching the trumpet is sympathetic to the actual needs of the individual student. "

" Because my playing commitments have taken up the lions share of my time I have not devoted as much time as I might have liked to teaching. At the the start of my career I spent around three years teaching as a peripatetic brass teacher for Bedfordshire music service, teaching the various instruments of the brass family. My next regular teaching was to be in the year 2000 when I was appointed to teach trumpet at the Royal Academy of Music, Junior department, in London. I really enjoyed the 10 years I spent teaching there, seeing many really talented young players come and go, many of whom are now very respected performers. Alongside teaching the trumpet there, I was often involved in brass chamber music of some kind or other. Throughout my career I have often been approached by professional colleagues for consultation lessons to look at problems, real or imagined, in their playing. Often this will involve an approach to high playing or approaching the piccolo trumpet as I seem to have spent a very large proportion of my playing career playing small instruments. My approach to teaching the trumpet is sympathetic to the actual needs of the individual student. I have never, and never will subscribe to the ‘it’s my way or no way’ approach. We all have quirks in the way we place the instrument on our face and I believe we should work with what we have and build on that. Many of the greatest players have a far from text book way of playing, giving hope to us all! With the massive disruption to the performing arts in general due to Coronavirus, I am very excited about the possibility of expanding my teaching once again. If you would be interested in joining me for lessons either online or here in Maidenhead, please see my contact details to get in touch.

Looking forward to hearing from you! "



" Tim Hawes is, without question, the greatest teacher I have ever had. In his calm and encouraging manner, he instills within you a belief that you can tackle any challenges the trumpet and its repertoire may throw at you. He is patient, supportive and builds your confidence in your own abilities in order for your playing to consistently grow and improve. Tim is an incredibly experienced player, who has made a name for himself within a highly competitive industry: This experience is inspiring and unreservedly shared with his students. "

- Alicia Clarke

" Tim was my teacher for 4 years at the Junior Royal Academy of Music. With a huge enthusiasm and vast knowledge of the entire repertoire, we comprehensively covered technique, solo playing, Baroque trumpet, transposition and excerpts to a level that earned my scholarship to the senior Royal College of Music. Tim’s encouragement, nurturing and energy have stayed with me throughout my career and I look back to those lessons with great fondness. "

- Ryan Linham